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Monday, 4 August 2014

TrojanHunter 5.6 Build 1006 Free Download

TrojanHunter 5.6 download

TrojanHunter 5.6 Build 1006 Latest Download Free Full Version

TrojanHunter such trojan, spyware, adware and dialers Detects all kinds of malware as it is an advanced malware scanner. The search for and removes Trojan from your system. An easy-to-use Scanner and a Guard that scans in the background TrojanHunter with your virus scanner is a must have for the extra. TrojanHunter file scanning, port scanning, memory scanning and registry scanning Trojan as several proven methods to find a wide variety of uses. TrojanHunter difference to many other trojan scanners too easy for you to communicate using custom trojan definitions and detection rules allows to add. This is a NetStat viewer, Memory String Extractor, Process Viewer, Auto-Start Explorer and various plug ins for advanced users, including additional tools are included. TrojanHunter that keeps the Trojan signatures current one comes with live update feature. 

TrojanHunter is a Trojan horse on your system thoroughly for any sign capable of finding a highly engineered program. Unlike other trojan scanners, TrojanHunter will not only scan files, but it is possible to detect a Trojan, which will enter into every conceivable place: 

• File Scanning ZIP files, RAR files and binded Trojan files, including moving, scans. 
TrojanHunter to run extremely powerful memory scanning technology Trojan scans your computer's main memory. Using this technique, TrojanHunter any packed variation of a trojan is able to find. 
• Scan the registry for any entries from a Trojan, autostart entry or setting looking through the Windows registry. 
• The port scan alerts you open any port on the system used by a Trojan is known to be one that matches. 
• Inifile scanning check. Have created or modified by the Trojan, autostart entries share files. 
• BAT files, VBS scripts, active HTML content and more to find the Trojan scanning scripts ... Besides the above main detection methods, TrojanHunter plug-in framework provides an additional method to detect Trojan , extension checker plug-in, for example, double extensions, commonly used to sneak a Trojan on a system with a method that will alert you to any files. 


• Revision of Trojan-speed file scan engine capable of detecting 
• A Trojan variant of a particular build modify any memory scanning to detect 
• The registry registry scanning for detecting traces of Trojan 
• Configuration file Inifile scanning for detecting traces of Trojan 
• If he manages to detect any Trojans -  Advanced Trojan Analyzer, TrojanHunter a special feature, • TrojanHunter Guard for resident memory scanning  Advanced scanning techniques using Trojans find the whole class is able to 
• Internet through a simple rule for updating LiveUpdate utility 
• Custom trojan definitions and detection rules are 
• Each route includes the original executable file, a process running on the system specification process list 
• Trojan has injected itself into another process, then they are running or even if - the right to remove all detected Trojans 
• Built-in netstat viewer 
• Comprehensive help files 
• Free technical support via e-mail 

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit).

TrojanHunter 5.6 Build 1006 Free Download Below

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