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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Windows 8 Transformation Pack v9.0 Free Download

Windows 8 Transformation Pack v9 download

Windows 8 Transformation Pack v9.0 Latest Download Free Full Version

Seven Transformation Pack release of the last strongholds after a long time. The more we can do but hard work and motivation to do better not to wait for something better. The world's best Windows transformation packs ..... "Windows 8 Transformation Pack" is the time to make new standards. 

- In one click with intelligence Metro UI design layout easily
- Auto-repair and Windows Update Smart system files updating with friendly 
- With updated Windows 8 themes and resources Vista / Seven Transformation Pack users new beginning 
- UxStyle memory patching 
- Windows 8 themes, wallpaper and login screen 
- With pre-configured gadgets Metro UI desktop emulation 
- Hawaii auto-colorization feature 
- And much more 

The Changelog:
Version 9.0 
- Change icacls rather than cacls allow the application program 
- Performance wise attention to change the default UI-depth 
- Change installation of system files that allow the detection of warning update 
- Fixed UxStyle Loading improve compatibility 
- Update attention RocketDock bar logo launch 
- Applying for seamless installation - remove system files allowed 
- Cloudy with a desktop widget Newgen Store


Windows 8 Transformation Pack v9

Windows 8 Transformation Pack v9.0 Free Download Below

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