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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Passcape Windows Password Recovery Advanced Free Download

Passcape Windows Password Recovery Advanced 9.7 download

Passcape Windows Password Recovery Advanced Latest Download Free Full Version

Lost password or locked Windows account data recovery specialists have to deal with the most frequent problem. Formatted your hard drive or reinstall your operating system, but its data, personal settings and extra headache will not keep you from partial loss can be. Besides, all that can take some time. It is a faster and more elegant way out of the situation is. Just a bootable CD or USB and reset the Windows password reset forgotten passwords or to open an account. It's a matter of a few minutes! User ', administrator, Active Directory accounts, and domain administrators: Windows password recovery of all types of Windows account passwords to bypass or reset the most powerful solution. 

Program designed specifically for an inexperienced user and is easy to operate. On the other hand, have unique search algorithm and is used in the same application. 
Unlike other utilities, Windows password correctly process all types of Windows accounts can only reset program. 
Your Windows password recovery and auditing utility if you need more professional, our Windows password Recovery tool to take a look. 

* Simple, intuitive graphic interface. No more ugly DOS prompts. 
* Resets local users and administrators, domain administrator, Active Directory users, DSRM account password editing. 
* Enables user accounts. 
* Password Expiry option disabled. 
* Resets SYSKEY (with full user passwords re-encryption) 
* (Also known as AI attack) to advanced search algorithm. 
* Piles of user passwords from SAM for further analysis hashes. 
* Masses of Active Directory hashes. 
* Domain Cached Credentials pile. 
* Including the latest Windows 7, all versions of Windows NT-based, supports. 
* All editions of the application, download the ISO file to a bootable CD / DVD / USB disk utility to include. 
* Supports 64-bit Windows. 
* IDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID drivers large collection. 
* Detects several operating systems installed on the computer. 
* For non-English versions of Windows and passwords in national encodings support. 
* Eliminate the changes made ​​to the system allows. 
* Delete passwords and other sensitive data from the computer. 
* Detailed help. 

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