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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Folder Protect 2.0.0 Final Full Keygen Download

Folder Protect 2.0.0 Final download

Folder Protect 2.0.0 Final Latest Download Free Full Version

Protect Your Folder in a variety of ways, allowing you to protect files. Proof that you delete and / or write-proof your files, folders and drives, lock allows you to hide. A special type of files you can protect and run in stealth mode can be selected. 
Lock and hide files! 
All your important and private files, folders, and drives safety and security protocols to achieve maximum data protection. 
Feature lock and hide all your data from unwanted access, hide and blocks access to your most important data allows. 
Quickly protect and unprotect files, folders and drives, as well as all yoursensitive data for Customized folder lock. 
File delete prevention! 
Accidental deletion of folders with security guard to get to your files from the recycle bin to put a stop to. 
Edit, or copy the data, while limited Delete prevention system, your data can allow others to see. 
Delete protection, you accidentally delete important documents will never have to worry about. 

File to prevent editing! 
Protect Folders maximum data protection and data amendment to limit provides a strong system. 
Writes to protect your information and allows enabling data tampering by restricting the full data Usesecurity all Windows OS variables. 
This is one of my important files without permission will be able to turn ensures that. 
Lock files, folders and drives! 
Folder of your sensitive files, folder, and drives allows password protection offered by using advance data security protection. 
In the event of any adverse event to trigger specific behavior for each item unique set security levels. 
Your files inaccessible, hidden by making your personal and confidential files, folders, and drives, theft-proof, leak-proof, and loss-proof build, and finish the proof. 
Customize your security! 
Unique access to certain files and folders to a folder with a mixture of surface-specific data to provide security protection for Customize. 
You can choose to make files inaccessible are accessible but be safe and / or remove evidence. And / or hidden by other users. 
Safety and security of files with a simple right click / unprotect it takes to protect it, is easy.

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