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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Facebook dev Apk Android

This official Facebook app for Android allows you to post photos and status updates, and keep up with your friends’ activity on the go. The main page in Facebook for Android gives you the option to view different parts of your network, including News feed, friends, photos, inbox, profile and friend requests. The bottom section of this page displays latest photos from friends in an attractive sliding viewer. Viewing latest notifications can be done simply by sliding up the bar from the bottom. The news feed is obviously the main section, and this can be navigated by scrolling up and down. Clicking on a story allows you to like or comment on it. Your wall works in the same way as it does on the Facebook site. You can also view and write messages within the app. The Facebook app also allows you to take and upload photos, which is a really well integrated feature – it really couldn’t be done any better. There’s even a button to instantly add it to an existing album once you’ve taken it. Viewing upcoming events is also a pleasant experience. Facebook for Android displays events in a vertical timeline, allowing you to see very clearly exactly what’s coming up. The app offers a pretty stripped down Facebook experience You can’t view or upload video using this app, nor use any of your Facebook applications. It would also be nice to have a feature to sync Facebook events to the Android calendar, like you can do in Facebook for iPhone. This Facebook application is promising, and so far is slick and fast moving. However, it is missing a few features to make it a full Facebook experience.