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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Simple and easiest way to detect & remove virus from your PC

Hi Friends

We always think what should we do ? when our PC is infected by virus.
Here is some basic steps to remove it.

1) If you do not have any antivirus.
Step 1- Check on to the system System Configuration Utility "msconfig.exe"
Press  +R and type

System Configuration Utility will open now select startup tab
Go and find if there is any startup item name with garbage character or
check if there is any unknown manufacturer is there if found then check the location of that if it contains
path like C:\users\username\App Data\  or C:\documents and settings\ then please disable it. It is definitely a virus or malicious program because C:\user\username or C:\documents and settings always keep users settings, and program settings for special uset but it doesn't keep program settings and machine settings.

Step 2 - Check on to the AppData\Roaming Folder

Press  +R and type
Press Alt+T now you will see "Folder Options" just under the  Tools Menu
Now Select View Tab and Select these Settings

Show hidden files,folders and drives
Un-tick  Hide extensions for Unknown Files Type
Un-tick Hide protected operating system siles (Recommended)

Go and find that in the Roaming directory there should not be any .exe file or .dll file & Please make sure don't goto sub directory only in Roaming directory.
If found delete it.

Step-3 If you are new for using registry please take a backup of registry by using this option
File-> Export
Select Export range all and then save If you will face any problem in future you can restore it by double click on it.
If you already now something about registry you can skip this step.
Goto registry by using this options
Press  +R and type
Registry Editor will open
After that goto that path
click on My Computer
then follow this path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
 check into right side of the window In the shell option the value must be explorer.exe only
if there is any other file please kindly remove it an change it.
Check one more path
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Check the same option
It should be like that

Step-4 Just insert your PD into your computer and if it show any different icon. like folder icon or any other then it might have infected with virus.
Just do that  unhide operating system files in the folder options as above in step -2.
Show hidden files,folders and drives
Un-tick  Hide extensions for Unknown Files Type
Un-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

Check the PD should not have recycler folder if found then it is definitely a malicious program or virus.
Kindly remove it and check if there is any .exe file with name i.e like shell.exe,gphone.exe,grudze.exe,xhuatz.exe or something unusual or name with foldername.exe then delete all those files if you are unable to delete it. then just do that
MyComputer->Select your removable drive ->Right Click ->Properties->Tools
Press check now
Press Start now after this you will be able to delete all those files.

2) If you do have any antivirus.

If you already have antivirus then please make sure your antivirus must be updated and has good enough to remove the virus from your systems.

Thank you Please comment if you have any queries.