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Thursday, 12 May 2011

How to change your database without re-creating the table

Hi friends ....
Again I am come back with some interesting tips and tricks
Now i am going to tell you that how to change the database without rewriting the queries or
recreating the table
Let's see

You know XML is the way to make this possible
"Suppose I have a table named as Login in oracle 10g express edition and i want to change it into the MS Access Database ".

Here is a steps 
Firstly you have to log on yo the database and i assume that you already know so skip the step to log on to the oracle 10g XE
After you log on to oracle 10g XE

this screen is shown
now navigate to this path

Home>Utilities>Data Load/Unload>Unload>Unload to XML

and then this window will shown to you

this option is shown to you
Select your schema ->next
Select your table->next    (Here i chose Login table)

and then Select Columns in this way

 Press Unload Data and now save this XML file.

Now Open MS Access and create a blank database

After that goto External Data option and select XML File.