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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Make your pen drive bootable.

 There is a following step to make pen drive bootable

1.Download and Install Ultra Iso Click here to install  Ultra Iso 
2.Open Ultra ISO by Right click (Run as administrator)

     3.Check whether you have any CD image or not.
     4.If yes then create a CD image in this way.
     5.Go to Tools Option and select 


       6.Select a path whether you want to save your image

       7.Now click on make option to create image
       8.Now here is a step
       9.Format your pen drive with hp format tools here to install Hp Format tools.
    11.After formatting open Ultra Iso.
     12.Then press open.
      13.Then go to Bootable option and select “Write disk image.”

      14.Select your pen drive by disk drive option.

      15.Now select Write method option as “USB-HDD”.


   16.Press   Button.
      17.After that restart your computer.
    18.Go to BIOS setup select boot priority.
19.Select first boot device as “USB-HDD”. 

      Look friends this trick is for every OS but not for XP
      for XP contact me